What's "Monergy"?

Just like time is money and money is time, the relationship between money and energy is intertwined.  Thus, monergy

Every electronic device on standby mode, every faucet that drips, every tiny air leak consumes energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Yes, while we’re sleeping, these things are busy spending our money on energy.  

Prairie Energy Solutions plugs all that money back into your checking account through measures that result in less energy usage

We know what kind of mileage our cars get, and we know how much it costs us when we fill up the gas tank these days, that’s for sure.  So, what does it take to fill up our house with conditioned air…and make it last? 

What kind of mileage does my house get

We wouldn’t tolerate a hole in our gas tank that siphoned money out of our wallets!  We can adopt the same approach with our homes.

Call us today and get solutions to your monergy challenges.