GEOSmart Same-As-Cash and term loans -- up to $45,000 -- to finance the projects that make life more comfortable and more energy efficient.  Call for details or to apply over the phone, with application and approval in 10 minutes.

Discounts/Instant Incentives

Ameren’s Home Energy Performance (HEP) Program/Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

True Fact: Ameren IL offers $5,200 in instant incentives for insulation and air sealing to their customers.  
Here’s how much money you can access, up to:     

--$1,600 for attic insulation (depending on existing levels)
--$1,200 for wall insulation (where none currently exists)
--$400 for rim joist Insulation
--$800 for crawlspace wall insulation
--$1,200 for sealing air leaks

The work must be performed by a Registered Program Ally of the ActOnEnergy Efficiency Programs.

Benefits of this program:

--The incentives are instant; no mail-in rebates or tax incentives--they're deducted directly from the invoice.
--No paperwork
--Immediate and lasting comfort in your home
--No income guidelines are associated with this incentive
--You save money every month on your utility bill--forever! 
Click on the logo above to read more about this program on Ameren’s ActOnEnergy website.

Resources for Other Efficiency Rebates 

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE)  
The motherlode.  Complete list of incentives for every program in the state of Illinois.  Are you served by a rural electric cooperative here in Southern Illinois?  There are many rebates for you.  Are you thinking about solar power?  There’s rebates for that, too.  And here’s DSIRE’s list of federal incentives and rebates.
More federal incentives.

Prairie Energy Solutions helps our customers track down every available incentive or rebate program possible in order to help homeowners shorten the payback period on their investments.  With all of the programs out there, the paperwork and application process can become overwhelming.  Call us today with questions about how we can simplify the process of applying for any and all of these incentives.