Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Hot Summer Window


Call the cops: your windows are killing your air conditioner!

Look, we like windows.  From inside the boxes/houses we inhabit, windows make us feel connected to the natural world.  That’s great.  We also like the Sun; it’s pretty useful and stuff.  But the hot summer window is a drag.  And the typical options for curing this problem don’t work, they’re cumbersome, they’re ugly, or they cost a fortune. 
Awnings can be garish and expensive.  Heavy blinds don’t do the trick because they’re on the window’s interior side and -- while they’ll protect your wood floor from UV rays -- are barely a speed bump for the sun’s relentless summer violence because the glass itself still gets super hot.  Window tinting film can’t be installed or removed without a fight, and doesn’t protect the outside of the window’s glass from getting direct sun.   

Enter Solar Screens.  

Designed to replace a window’s insect screen, they do the most important thing that window shading can do: they stop the sun before it gets to the glass.  As a bonus, they stop up to 94% of UV rays, which means that flooring, furniture and belongings aren’t damaged by exposure to all of that UV light.  They have a host of other benefits that we’ve outlined here.  

Bottom line: Solar Screens are the bee’s knees.  And your air conditioner agrees with us.