Monday, January 28, 2013

UK's Green (New) Deal

The Brits are all abuzz about their "Green Deal" -- a government-hatched energy efficiency program -- which launches today.  Here's a link to the highlights about this highly anticipated and aggressive approach to reducing energy demand across an entire economy.    

Naturally, there's moaning and wailing about whether or not this will be successful or fraudulent or cost-effective or insert-your-concern-about-anything-government-hatched.  The overarching theme is this:

residents in Great Britain will have access to financing for energy efficiency measures like insulation and air sealing (which the Brits refer to as "draught-proofing").   Residents and homeowners will be able to pay back the cost of the improvements through their utility bills.  The only real problem that exists with this program (because we know all these measures do work to reduce demand) is the potential for dumb people to do dumb things and take advantage of homeowners.  The majority of the criticism of the Green Deal (they should've just changed it to "New Deal" and David William Donald Cameron should just go ahead and change his name to Franklin Delano Roosevelt now) is based on the prediction that dumb people will indeed do dumb things.  Well, welcome to everything.  Dumb people aren't a new invention.  The program will achieve its goals, because we know all these efficiency measures are desperately needed and they absolutely work.  And they will, despite the dumb people.

And while we salute the initiative, we can't help getting all American about this and note that if you are an Illinois already have access to this forward-thinking new program!  (America 14, UK 1.  Woot!)  See our financing page for the details on financing and the possibility of doing it through your utility bill.