Friday, December 16, 2011

Incentives: Do YOU know?

This isn't a new article, but it is relevant.  And it shouldn't be surprising, but it is: Almost 2/3 of Americans don't know that they qualify for energy efficiency rebates.  This is a failure of energy professionals everywhere.  We have to do a better job of getting this information to homeowners so they can capitalize on special financing, tax incentives or just plain free money.  On that note, our "Incentives" page allows you to access the information you need.  If you qualify, one of the incentives will pay up to $5000 to improve the performance of your home.  And you wouldn't have to wait until tax time to get the financial benefit: it is deducted directly from the invoice we give our customers.  We can't find a better incentive offered by anyone across the country.  It is real and it is waiting for you.      

Make your home more cozy this winter.  Increase the value of your investment.  Save Monergy!  There is money available to help you accomplish these things!  Get yours.